Geely scooters and Jalon scooters are simply the best value in 50cc gas motor scooters in today's market. These motorized scooters are economical, reliable, fun to ride and have a national dealer network to provide support and parts. Our 50cc gas scooters and mopeds come 99% assembled and feature free home delivery.
Clearance sale on all our Hitong scooters!
Jalon Falcon 18 scooter, motor scooters, gas scooters, 50cc scooter
Our 50 cc gas powered scooters
offer low cost, quality
transportation for people who
have a free spirit and are tired of
high gas prices. Geely (Hitong)
50cc scooters are a great
alternative to driving the car or
SUV to work.  All of our gas
powered scooters come with a
reliable 49.5 cc engine and extra
wide 3.5 x 10 " wheels. All of
these gas motor scooters also
have the CVT belt drive
transmission, alloy wheels and
front disk brakes for added
stopping power.
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Geely/Jalon X-8 scooter, gas scooters, Jalon scooters, motor scooters, 50cc scooters
Geely/Jalon X-1 scooter, Jalon scooters, Geely scooters, gas scooters
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Reasons to buy motorized scooters made by Hitong Motors: (Information
below applies to all Hitong 50cc scooters)

- Japanese Engine technology and German testing system
- Sales in over 40 countries
-  ISO 9001 certified quality management
- Spare parts always available  
- European Standards II
- Competitive price
Please Note: All of our motorized scooters come 99% assembled. Many of the
motorized scooters found on other websites are small framed and may be
uncomfortable for a full size adult to drive. Hitong scooters (Geely scooters and Jalon
scooters) come in both large and small frame sizes. Large frame scooters made by
Hitong include the Model 18, Model X-1 and Model X-8. These gas scooters have
heavy duty suspensions and can handle more weight. If you are larger than average
or plan on carrying passengers you may want to consider one of the large framed
Hitong scooters. Look below to find the motor scooter that fits you best and
remember, Hitong scooters are designed with your comfort and safety in mind.
motorized scooters above are usually available from both Geely scooters and Jalon scooters. Changes occur rapidly in this fast
growing industry. As a result, various options may be available from Geely at times and from Jalon at other times. Please call for
further information and to be sure you get what you want on your motorized scooter. We also carry a full line of motor scooters
from Vento scooters and BKM scooters. Click on the link for Vento scooters to see these high quality gas powered scooters.
Before purchasing your new gas motor scooter you should check with your local MVD. In some states these gas scooters fall under
the gas moped laws and require no registration. In other states there no separate laws regarding gas mopeds and all gas scooters
are treated like motorcycles. You may not need a motorcycle license in some states to operate your gas motor scooter and may be
able to drive as long as you have a driver's license. Some states have no laws regulating any gas powered scooters or gas mopeds
at all. It is the buyer's responsibility to find out about the laws in your state that concern the operation of your gas motor scooter.

Note: scooters now come in solid colors only, no more 2 tone scooters.
Model X-1 gas powered scooter
Front disk brakes, CVT belt drive transmission
(automatic), alarm/remote start and 12" wheels Available
with 2 stroke or 4 stroke engine. Solid, powerful and easy
to ride.
ONLY $849!
Model X-8 retro gas motor scooter
Retro scooter that reminds you of the Italian classic. Smooth
running 4 stroke Honda clone engine, CVT belt drive
automatic transmission, alarm/remote start and front disk
brakes. Ride in style for
Meitian turbo version available for $1299
delivered (45-50 mph)
Model 18 Falcon scooter/ Hitong
The best selling Hitong (Geely and Jalon) scooter. This
scooter has a 4 stroke engine, CVT belt drive automatic
transmission, alarm/remote start, front disk brakes and
comes with a free trunk. This gas scooter is
only $849
delivered to your home.
(203) 500-0960 8am-8pm 6 days a week
Strada, Motorino, Yamaha/Linhai, ZNEN, Vento scooters, electric scooters
We offer a fine selection of 50cc gas scooters. Gas motor scooters and mopeds from Vento, BKM, Starda, Tank, Geely, Qingqi,Jalon, and Boss. 4 stroke 150cc scooters and mopeds with free delivery to your home. Motor scooters come 99% assembled. Quality motorized scooters for less.