Geely Falcon scooter, Geely moped, Geely model 18 scooter, Geely falcon 18 scooter, Falcon 18 scooter, Jalon Falcon 18 scooter. No matter waht you call it, this is the best selling 50cc scooter on the internet today. No other motorized scooter offers you so much for so little. Our Falcon 50cc scooter comes 99% assembled and has free delivery to you home.
Geely/Jalon type Falcon 50cc Scooter
Free trunk
and alarm
$129 value)
We meet or beat any
reputable dealers prices.
That is a guarantee!
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Geely Hitong Model 18 Jalon Falcon scooter (50cc scooter)
This gas powered scooter is the best selling model made by Hitong Geely scooters and rightfully so. It sits on a
larger frame to give you a comfortable ride, has a heavy duty suspension system, front antilock disk brakes, CVT
belt drive transmission and this Hitong Geely scooter comes with a free trunk ($69 value).  The Hitong Jalon Falcon
18 also has locking storage under the seat as well as a front storage compartment that can hold your can of soda or
bottle of water as you are driving around on a hot summer day.

If your battery goes dead, no problem. The Falcon 18 scooter has a regular kick start to supplement the convenient
electric start. Valley Scooters orders all of its 50cc scooters with extra large tires 3.50x10" mounted on aluminum
wheels, a feature many other dealers don't provide. This gives your Hitong Geely Falcon 18 a stable ride you can
feel confident with. The  model 18 scooter is equipped with all of the standard safety equipment required by law, turn
signals, horn, alarm/remote start, speedometer, head and tail lights and brake lights. We also provide you with an
MCO, a manufacturer's certificate of origin. This document is required in many states to register your 50cc scooter.

Best of all, the smooth, quiet 4 stroke engine gets well over 100 mpg and with todays gas prices this motorized
scooter is a real winner. No need to mix oil in with your gas and get your hands and clothes smelling like you work at
a garage.  Get yours today , you won't be sorry! Also available as a Jalon scooter.
Limited time special $849 with free delivery! (west coast may incur added fee)
Geely scooters brings you the best selling 50cc scooter/moped on the market today
Jalon Falcon scooter  w/4 stroke
Bore & Stroke:
Compression ratio:
Max power:
Starter system:
Engine oil:

Overall length:
Overall width:
Overall height:
Minimum ground
Dry weight:
Front suspension:

Rear suspension:
Front brake:
Rear brake:
Front tire:
Rear tire:
Max load:
Fuel tank capacity:
Packing size:
Gross weight:
model: CVK or PD18J
automatic V-belt
Regular unleaded

74 in
28 in
48 in
50 in
2.5 in

176 lbs
hydraulic telescopic fork
swing arm with hydraulic single shock
ABS disk
drum (by hand)
3.50 X 10
3.50 X 10
280 lbs
1.3 gallons
69in x 23in x 47 in
242 lbs
This scooter comes from both Jetstar scooters and Jalon scooters
request you Geely scooter or Jalon falcon scooter today. Jetstar
scooters and Jalon scooters are a subsidiary of Geely scooters.
Please note: that Valley Scooters sells their Hitong Geely scooters and Jalon
scooters at very  low prices that include delivery to your home. Compare to
scooters to some terminal that could be over 100 miles away from home.

We strive to bring you the very best quality 50cc scooters (Jalon, Geely, Vento
and BKM) at the most competitive prices with the best possible service. We
will not be undersold and refuse to have an unhappy customer. Please feel
free to request references, they will be happily provided. We want you to
enjoy owning and riding your new gas powered scooter.

To order your Hitong Geely scooter or Hitong Jalon scooter just call (203)
500-0960 or press the "order now" button next to the 50cc scooter of your
choice and tell us the color you would like to have in the comments section of
the order form.
scooters. Changes occur rapidly in this fast growing industry. As a result, various options may
be available from Geely at times and from Jalon at other times. Please call for further
information and to be sure you get what you want on your motorized scooter. We also carry a
full line of motor scooters from Vento scooters and BKM scooters. Click on the link for Vento
scooters to see these high quality gas powered scooters.
Before purchasing your new gas motor scooter you should check with your local MVD. In some
states these gas scooters fall under the gas moped laws and require no registration. In other
states there no separate laws regarding gas mopeds and all gas scooters are treated like
motorcycles. You may not need a motorcycle license in some states to operate your gas motor
scooter and may be able to drive as long as you have a driver's license. Some states have no
laws regulating any gas powered scooters or gas mopeds at all. It is the buyer's responsibility
to find out about the laws in your state that concern the operation of your gas motor scooter.
Geely scooter colors, gas scooters, mopeds, motor scooters
powered scooters come 99%  assembled.  The
only thing you need to do with our gas powered
falcon scooter is to screw in the mirrors, install
Our Hitong Jalon Falcon scooter model 18 gas the
handlebars and the battery. Then jump on and
enjoy your 4 stroke Jalon scooter!
These are just some of the colors available for the
Geely scooter. Note: Colors are approximate.
(203) 500-0960 8am-8pm 6 days a week
or call toll free (866) 994-1141
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