Vento scooters presents the Vento Triton scooter. One of the most versatile 50cc gas scooters on the market today. There are many kits available to make this gas powered scooter go over 60 mph!
We offer a fine selection of 50cc gas scooters. Gas motor scooters and mopeds from Vento, BKM, Starda, Tank, Geely, Qingqi,Jalon, and Boss. 4 stroke 150cc scooters and mopeds with free delivery to your home. Motor scooters come 99% assembled. Quality motorized scooters for less.
- 99% assembled!
- Excellent service!
- Best quality!
- Best price!
Vento Triton R4 Li gas
scooter Only $1599 !!!
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Vento Triton gas scooter specifications
Piston Displacement:       49 c.c.
Max. Power:                     4.9 HP / 7000 rpm
Starting System:               Electric / Kick Start
Ignition:                             CDI
Fuel Capacity:                   6.5 liters
Gear Shifting:                   Automatic
Dimensions:                      74" x 27 " x 45"
Wheelbase:                      45"
Seat Height:                     32"
Dry Weight:                      246 lbs
Suspension:                      Front Dual Shock,
Front Brake:                     ABS Disc
Rear Brake:                      Drum
Front Tire:                        12" Racing Type
Rear Tire :                        120/70-12
Rims:                                  Sport Aluminum
Exhaust:                            Silverstone Italian
Instrument Panel:           New Indigo Glow
Back                                                 Light
Additional features:        
keyed ignition,
locking steering wheel,                                               locking storage
under                                                 the seat,
locking front storage,                                                  
frame number engraved.

Colors:      Red, Yellow, or Blue
Vento Warranty:
Vento scooters have a 1 year 5,000 mile powertrain warranty provided scooter is prepped by a
mechanic. The defective part must be returned to the dealer for a replacement part to be issued.
If you are not sure, ask yourself these questions:
1. Are the controls on the handlebars the same quality?
2. Does this motorized scooter have 12" wheels with anti lock braking system?
3. If I want to modify my gas scooter are there proven  kits available for it? 4. Is
this other motor scooter produced by an American company?
5. Does this gas scooter have a one year warranty on the power train with a
national dealer network to support it?

These are just some of the factors to consider before buying a gas powered
scooter with your hard earned dollars. Valley Scooters brings you a variety of gas
scooters that answer yes to these questions.  Call us with any questions you might
before making your motor scooter purchasing decision.
Remember: always wear a helmet and eye protection when riding your scooter.
(203) 500-0960 8am-8pm 6 days a week
or call toll free (866) 994-1141
Strada, Motorino, Yamaha/Linhai, ZNEN, Vento scooters, electric scooters
The new Vento Triton Lithium Edition is here. 49.5cc of raw power to get you flying down the
road quickly. 12" wheels, front antilock disk brakes, electric/kick start, and CVT transmission. Get yours
only $1599 delivered to your home!
Colors are red,
blue and yellow.
Please call to learn