Vento scooters are also the parent company of BKM scooters. We feature the Vento Triton, Vento Zip, BKM Xenon and BKM Jazz scooters.
We offer a fine selection of 50cc gas scooters. Gas motor scooters and mopeds from Vento, BKM, Starda, Tank, Geely, Qingqi,Jalon, and Boss. 4 stroke 150cc scooters and mopeds with free delivery to your home. Motor scooters come 99% assembled. Quality motorized scooters for less.
Vento Scooters
Vento scooters, BKM scooters, Strada scooters
About the company: Vento
Motorcycles is a US company that
builds a variety of quality scooters  
and motorcycles. They are
committed to standing by their
products with strong dealer
support. In 2003 Vento had an
annual sales volume of $114 million
dollars making them the fastest
growing motorcycle company in the
US. All of their models are DOT
approved, as well as, certified by
the EPA and CARB meeting the
strictest emissions regulations.
1. Unsurpassed customer service-
we are always here for you to
answer questions and provide
parts. Open 8am to 8 pm 7 days a

2.Free home delivery- compare to
other dealers who charge extra to
deliver to your home.

3. Scooters are 99% assembled-
you only screw in the mirrors and
install the battery.

4. Quality scooters at the best price
Vento Phantoms Li for only $1699 delivered!
The Vento Phantom 150cc scooter is a tried and true machine. This scooter
comes with an Italina exhaust silk touch seat and front ABS disk brakes rear
disk brakes.  
You can have yours for only $1699 delivered to your home!
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If you would like to learn more about any of the Vento scooters above, just click on the image of the scooter and you will be
taken to a page which provides details about the scooter. In the event you do not have enough information about any of our
Vento scooters, Geely scooters or Jalon scooters please feel free to contact us at (203) 500-0960.
Vento Warranty:
Vento scooters and BKM scooters have a 1 year 5,000 mile power train warranty. The defective
part must be returned to the dealer for a replacement part to be issued.
Valley Scooters prides itself on excellent customer service. We are happy to provide references who own our
scooters and have dealt with us for all of their scooter needs. Don't buy from a company who can't provide you with
a list of satisfied customers. In addition, our Vento scooters and BKM  scooters come 99%  assembled. Compare to
other dealers who expect you to put on the front wheel and the handle bars. The only thing you need to do with
our gas powered scooter is to screw in the mirrors, hook up the rear brake cable and install the battery. Then jump
on and enjoy your new Vento scooter from Valley Scooters! We know you will enjoy the experience and be happy
with the choice you made.
Vento Triton R4 Li 50cc scooter only $1599 delivered!
Triton GT5 $1599!
Vento, it's not a
scooter, it's an attitude!
Vento scooters are one of the most popular scooters sold in the US today. They are
a high quality scooter at a very affordable price. In addition, Vento scooters come
with a one year powertrain warranty as long as a mechanic preps the scooter.  
When unrestricted, speeds of 50 mph are possible.
1. You save money on gas. Vento
scooters get over 70mpg
2. Service is available all over the US
as Vento is a company with a national
3. Vento scooters are easy and
inexpensive to maintain.
4. Lots of fun! Riding your Vento
scooter is a fun experience as you will
find out when yours is delivered.
(203) 500-0960 8am-8pm 6 days a week
or call toll free (866) 994-1141
Strada, Motorino, Yamaha/Linhai, ZNEN, Vento scooters, electric scooters
The new Vento Triton Lithium Edition is here. 49.5cc of raw
power to get you flying, front disk brakes, electric/kick start, and CVT
transmission. Get yours for
only $1599 delivered to your home!
Vento Phantera 150cc scooter
Click on image to
Vento Phantera 150cc scooter for
only $1899 delivered to your home!
Vento phantom 150cc scooter
Vento Phantom Hot Rod 150cc scooter
Vento Hot Rod 150cc scooter $1699 This retro looking scooter comes
with front and rear disk brakes, 13" aluminum wheels, electric/kick start and
the CVT automatic transmission all for the low price of $1699 delivered!
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Vento Triton 50cc scooter
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Vento 250cc motorcycle
The Vento V-Thunder 250cc motorcycle is one cool looking machine. It
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